Precision Molds believes successful injection molds begin with impeccable engineering. We house a full-time design & engineering department with over 32 years of experience, ensuring a high quality product with economical & efficient tooling. We offer a broad range of diverse experience in mold design & production. We respond quickly to your tooling needs and produce precision injection molds in a short time period. Quality tooling is essential in providing consistent parts to our customers and all jobs are carefully reviewed in planning stage to ensure the manufacture of consistent parts. We combine skills for building steel molds and aluminum molds.


Precision Molds provides a variety of quality assurance & assistance regarding fundamental mold design and production throughout the design cycle. Precision Molds & Moldings strives to provide our customers with the highest quality and value in injection molded plastic products and services. Our employees are committed to ensuring our customers quality and satisfaction objectives are met, while operating within applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Through teamwork and training, we have implemented a documented quality system to plan, control, measure, and continuously improve our business and injection molds. To maintain the highest levels of quality requires constant attention to every aspect of the manufacturing process, the manufacturing process does not stop until you have received your product defect-free in the time promised.


Precision Molds provides essential prototyping during pre-production stages. We provide an economical alternative to traditional stereo lithography prototyping. Our prototype capabilities will build models, including internal features directly from CAD/STL file. The system produces high quality three-dimensional parts that are functional and ready to use upon completion. Our finished ABS material can be painted and glued as necessary. Rapid prototyping allows you to have your parts in your hands within days for viewing and product functionality approval. This process will ensure a more accurate production result. Prototype size is limited to 10 X 10.

Metal &Plastic Injection Molding Conversion

The conversion of metal parts to engineered thermoplastic alternatives is a fast-growing aspect of the injection molding industry. The driving force behind this trend is the continual introduction and improvement of engineered grade plastic resin that compete head to head with metal in terms of strength and durability. Compared to heavier metals, plastic injection molding is widely known for: 1)Reducing manufacturing costs, 2)Consistency, 3)Cosmetic improvements, 4)Decorating and texturing, 5)Coloring, 6)Improving durability.



Precision Molds specializes, but is not limited to moldings for the following: 




*Commercial Aircraft 





*Military Contracting  

*Pool & Spa